Who is Qoopa Klub?

Qoopa Klub is the sassiest gaming podcast you’ll hear today. Season 1 – The 90s! premieres in October 2015.

“So, who ARE you guys? Are you cute, or…?”

We thought you’d ask that. Are you always so thirsty?


Jancko Arias
Rhythm game/Smash Bros. expert
Fighting Style: cool and calculated

Jancko is often the voice of reason on the podcast. When he’s not destroying fools playing In The Groove or Smash Bros., Jancko has been known to dedicate his entire life to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He’s also the proud owner of a pair of fierce as hell leather boots.

Phil Garcia
Puzzle game/Minecraft freak
Fighting Style: down and dirty

Phil is the sass in our sassafrass. Always ready to crack wise and mock the fashion choices of video game characters everywhere, he’s also just as likely to bring the serious when discussing matters that affect LGBT gamers. He’s the reigning karaoke champ of Qoopa Klub.


Ian Ostrowski
Jack of all trades/Zelda aficionado

Fighting Style: scholarly and analytical

Ian likes to look at games in a more academic, sometimes abstract way. He always has an eye for how games as an experience affect the player. He also has a tendency to create the most outrageous bloopers and conversations in Qoopa Klub history (blowouts, anyone?). Ian also does livestreams of games on our Twitch channel.


Jeremy Johnson
Platformer/Mega Man nut

Fighting Style: erratic and unfocused

Jeremy’s sole purpose on the show is to make sure everyone stays focused on the discussion at hand, which 9 times out of 10 he is responsible for derailing with random, nonsensical comments. When he’s not playing Mega Man X with his chin, he’s usually fanboying out over the latest Nintendo announcements. Jeremy also does livestreams of games on our Twitch channel.


Matt Pierce
Retro/mobile gaming connoisseur
Fighting Style: heterosexual

Matt is the link to the past on the show, often showing up for episodes specifically geared towards conversations about gaming’s yesteryear. He also likes to highlight the often overlooked mobile phone scene. Oh yeah, and he’s a heterosexual. Apparently, this is important to note.


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