The future’s so bright…

We promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry.

The first official episode of the Qoopa Klub podcast was recorded and released into the world on July 1st, 2012. I never would have believed for even a second that our humble, gay little show would have lasted 6 months, let alone the 3 and a half years it *did* last. I’ve interacted with so many absolutely wonderful human beings since starting the show, and have even had the opportunity to meet some of you in person. Qoopa Klub has been, and will always be, an extremely positive force.

The old saying holds true: nothing lasts forever.

The next episode of the Qoopa Klub podcast will be our last. Episode 86 seems like such an annoying number to close on, but hey. I suppose I shouldn’t say this with such finality. QK may come back one day, fiercer and sassier than ever. We may launch an entirely new podcast. We may also decide to just spend our normal recording days Skyping with each other and playing games together.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank every single one of the people that took even a moment to listen to our show. I am proud of every single episode we’ve done, even the awkward ones. The only aim we’ve ever had with QK was to have fun with each other while talking about video games, and we achieved that. The fact that people dug listening to us makes me happier than I could ever put into words.

Don’t despair that we are leaving, because there are so many other great and wonderful indie podcasts to fill the void. Check out all the great people we’ve come to know and love over the course of doing the show here:¬†

The final episode will record and likely go live on Sunday, 03/06. Shoot us a tweet, Facebook comment, email and let us know what your favorite moment was. We’d love to sign off with as much self congratulatory wanking as possible.

Until then, Qoopas…..take care of yourselves. And each other.


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