QK Ep S1-5: The Rise of the RPG

Let’s role play.

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Jeremy and Jancko are joined by the always lovable and amazing Derek from RPGFan to discuss……RPGs of the 90s! What else did you think we would talk about? Anyway, the boys gab about how a niche genre steadily rose in popularity until the end of the decade, where the RPG reigned supreme among many. We also worry about Jancko’s health and sanity after he consumed some questionable ranch sauce.

*Additional music for this episode of the Qoopa Klub Podcast is copyrighted to their respective owners.


2 responses to “QK Ep S1-5: The Rise of the RPG

  1. Fun show to listen to while I was walking around looking for a specific enemy in a somewhat retro RPG (Trails in the Sky). Thanks!

    One thing that was brought up that I liked was using RPGs as a way to learn new words. This was especially true for me (and a few of my friends as well, and I expect a significant number of people living in this province), as French is my first language. Back in the 90’s, games that were localized here in North America were available in English only (though there were a few exceptions, like the French version of Link’s Awakening). If I wanted to play RPGs, I had no choice but to do it in English and, in doing so, managed to acquire a wider vocabulary which certainly gave me an advantage in class that other non-players of RPGs did not have.

    In short: Yes, RPGs can be ‘edutainment’. But my English teachers over the years never told me.

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