It’s a plethora of podcasts

In honor of National Podcast Day 9/30, I thought I’d jump back on here and talk about some of the podcasts I’m currently listening to.  With the relaunch of our blog, I’m really excited to post some fun things like this from time to time.  Despite being all cray cray with life and personal shenanigans, I really love sharing some random tidbits with y’all…so check it out!

Lately my listening tastes have really shifted from gaming, while I still keep up with a few gaming shows, I’ve definitely taken a walkabout.

Group Therapy w/Above & Beyond
A dance/electronic music podcast from the DJ’s Above & Beyond…it’s a fucking long ass show, almost 3 hours, but they play a lot of amazing gems among the dance fodder.  Their own records are also really awesome, I love their song Alchemy.

Drunks & Dragons
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast, a hilarious group of adventurers on a long and hilarious campaign.  I knew nothing of how D&D worked before listening, but I’ve learned a lot despite their goofy gameplay.  It’s a hilarious show with this wacky group of friends.

Fight for Comics
Another show about a group of friends covering topics in comics, reviewing current issues, and other comic news.  They are super knowledgable and really funny, though sometimes you have to watch out for spoilers.  It’s a fun way to catch up on all the comics you aren’t reading…or in my case, can’t afford to buy.

RuPaul What’s the Tee? w/Michelle Visage
The title kind of says it all!  If you’re a fan of Drag Race, you should probably be listening to this fun show.  Ru and Michelle talk about basically anything from girls on the show to lace front wigs to colonics.  It sometimes get a bit new-agey and self-helpish with all their Momma advice, but overall it’s really positive and fun!

StarTalk Radio 
The ultimate in astronomy/cosmology/physics/nerdom with Neil Degrasse Tyson.  So if you’ve been watching the Cosmos series, you’ll probably love this too.  Neil is so charming and witty, I really like how he makes science relatable to complete oafs like myself.

Throwing Shade
If you need serious drama in yo’ lyfe, then  you need to listen to Throwing Shade!  Erin and Brian are two comedians who talk about all things gay and feminism.  It’s currently my most favorite podcast, they completely go off topic and get super silly and stupid…it’s like improv out of control…but in a good way.  *extra bonus: I sat behind Erin at the Hollywood Bowl this summer during the Robyn/Royksopp concert!  I was totes having a podcast celeb moment y’all.

Another thing I wanted to mention, for any Android users out there looking for an awesome app to stream/download podcast…I really am loving Podcast Addict.  I had been searching for a long while for a good Android app to replace my iPod and this is definitely it!  I’m currently using the free version and it’s really amazing, I might do the upgrade soon.  🙂

Thanks for checking out this non-gaming post!  Gotta share the Podcast <3!


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