QK Let’s Play: MEGA MAN 2

Not one, but TWO playthroughs of the NES masterpiece.


Jeremy’s foray into live streaming continues with the follow up to his MEGA MAN stream. What else could possibly follow a monumental title like that, other than a game that’s even MORE monumental? Of course, we’re talking about MEGA MAN 2, the blockbuster NES game that launched the series into the stratosphere and turned Mega Man into a household name among gamers.

Head on over to our Twitch channel to check out the archived stream of Jeremy’s “normal” playthrough. (*Note: Twitch was being super unfriendly while streaming, so the stream was broken up into chunks, with a few bits missing entirely. Sad day)

If you haven’t had enough Mega Man action, or enough of Jeremy’s heavenly voice, check out his Let’s Play of MEGA MAN 2 on HARD MODE on our YouTube channel! (*No video fuckery on this one! Do I manage to make this a no death playthrough? Watch to find out)


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