Qoopa Klub Podcast: The Archive

Check out our checkered podcast past.


With the relaunch of the Qoopa Klub podcast, we want to be sure that everyone has access to our loud and proud podcast history. All of our episodes of the original run of the show are and will always be available! Our podcast host, LibSyn.com, has our entire backlog of episodes available for your perusal. For the sake of convenience, this post will have a link for the direct download of the archived episodes 1 through 79. Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes if you’re into that sort of thing, so that you’ll never miss an episode from QK, and therefore will never be depressed or lonely again.

QK Ep 79: We Understood

QK Ep 78: Celebrating 3 Years Of Sass

QK Ep 77: Zero Dark Pepperoni (The E3 Episode!)

QK Ep 76: Two In The Ink

QK Ep 75: Bumpy Pickle

QK Ep 74: Rape Pudding

QK Ep 73: Bussyality

QK Ep 72: The Spirit Realm

QK Ep 71: Slimer

QK Ep 70: Skulltulas? In MY Bussy?!

QK Ep 69: Your BMI Is Nachos

QK Ep 68: Butt Company

QK Ep 67: But I Wanna Be A Pretty Squid!

QK Ep 66: Jimmy Carter Is Still Alive

QK Ep 65: Yoshi Is So Sexual, I Hate It

QK Ep 64: Mario Teaches Tantric Sex, with Special Guest Star Mavis Beacon

QK Ep 63: Uh, I Want Burritos

QK Ep 62: It’s Gross, And You’re Gross For Liking It

QK Ep 61: Bulbasaur In Your Clefairy

QK Ep 60: Hyrule Warriors Ate My Balls

QK Ep 59: Smashing Fudge

QK Ep 58: It’s a “Hygiene Device”

QK Ep 57: It’s Being Quenched, But I’m Still Thirsty

QK Ep 56: Nintendo Hurts

QK Ep 55: You’re The Inspiration

QK Ep 54: Queering Jenga

QK Ep 53: Guh-rossssss-uh

QK Ep 52: Hashtag Baby Jessica

QK Ep 51: Your Mother Races Karts In Hell

QK Ep 50: Fabulous Nova Crystallis

QK Ep 49: Tomodachi Strife

QK Ep 48: Wife Tossing

QK Ep 47: Blowouts

QK Ep 46: Checks and Balances

QK Ep 45: Bravely Qoopa

QK Ep 44: Smells Like Christmas In Here

QK Ep 43: A Link Between Gurls

QK Ep 42: Semen Spinach

QK Ep 41: Reploid Realness

QK Ep 40: Robert Pattinson’s Crooked Nipples

QK Ep 39: Hipster Princess

QK Ep 38: Meow!

QK Ep 37: Babycakes

QK Ep 36: Hooker In A Pinto

QK Ep 35: One Healthy Bone

QK Ep 34: Wind Waker HD!

QK Ep 33: Blast Processed Enema

QK Ep 32: Unite PODCAST!

QK Ep 31: Keep Us Aboob

QK Ep 30: Did You Smell The Dongle?

QK Ep Special: Podcast X Zone

QK Ep 29: Fruit Textures

QK Ep 28: Pup-fish

QK Ep 27: Gurl of Ages/Bish of Seasons

QK Ep 26: Did I Say ‘Circular Meat Treat’?

QK Ep 25: BAM. I Got A Boner

QK Ep 24.2: Fairy Types

QK Ep 24.1: Wii Would Like To Play U

QK Ep 23: Y Can’t Metroid Crawl?!

QK Ep 22: Yoko Ono Bono Boners

QK Ep 21: Pepper Shamu

QK Ep 20: Clam Sauce

QK Ep -1: Sportz Watch

QK Ep 19: Resident Nutcracker

QK Ep 18.2: Did I Do Thaaaaaat?

QK Ep 18.1: Let Me Teabag You, Dearie

QK Ep 17: Fist of the South Star

QK Ep 16: The Mega Man of my Dreams

QK Ep 15: Three Gurls and a Straightie

QK Ep 14: It’s Rainin’ Mega Men

QK Ep 13: Farewell, Wii!

QK Ep 12: The Wii U Blowout

QK Ep 11: Stop Looking Weird, Ambrose!

QK Ep 10: Dream Phone

QK Ep 9: Did You Learn ‘Harden’?

QK Ep 8.2: Lukewarm Leftovers

QK Ep 8.1: Girl, That PSone is Haunted!

QK Ep 7: Prosthetic Vagina

QK Ep 6: Topical Cream

QK Ep 5: We’ve Been Cursed

QK Ep 4: Say It With A Lisp

QK Ep 3: Plattery Will Get You Everywhere

QK Ep 2: That Toddler Is A Little Bitch

QK Ep 1: Size Queens


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